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God withdrew his blessings from the land of Latoy. Without those blessings, those prosperity of the past faded into legend. The people of Latoy were finally free to shape their own destinies. But their freedom came at the price of hardships they never could have imagined. Order broke down. Morality deteriorated. In the chaos that followed, paradise was lost. The final result was an endless war. Latoy is now split into two primary rivals. The northern section of the continent is ruled by the United Principality of Vaustiya. The Empire of Celantu dominates the southern lands. The war between these two superpowers and their smaller neighbors never end. Oblivious Garden - Carmina Burana is an original Chinese romance visual novel developed by CorypheeSoft & DigitalEZ, released on August 6, 2011. The player assumes the role of Irell Reis, a fencing instructor at the Oblivious Garden. There are seven princess, but only three of the princesses have routes for the player to pursue with the exception of Finn, the maid. 

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Game Information
Oblivious Garden - Carmina Burana | Genre: Visual Novel | Developer: CorypheeSoft & DigitalEZ | Publisher: DigitalEZ | Language: English, Chinese | Release: 2011, 2014 | File size: 980 MB

Minimum Requirements
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 | Processor Intel Pentium 1.2 GHz or equivalent AMD | 512 MB RAM | 1 GB Free HDD | DirectX 9.0c | 64 MB video card compatible with DirectX 9.0c

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