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No One But You is an original English visual novel developed by Unwonted Studios, an English amateur group who had previously released Wander no More and Written in the Sky. After being away for ten years, the protagonist Naito Hideaki returned to his hometown with his mother. Suffering from amnesia as a result of a damaging accident, Hideaki has no memories of life in this town. He resumes his high school life, meet a handful of friends and quickly becoming close with them. However, when he begins to think of this city as his home once more, nightmares from his past begin to come back and intruding on the new life he’s trying to build. No One But You consists of five routes that the player will have the chance to experience. To view all plot lines in their entirety, the player will have to replay the game multiple times. No One But You was released on January 19, 2016.

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Game Information
No one but You | Genre: Visual Novel | Developer: Unwonted Studios | Publisher: Unwonted Studios, Sekai Project, MangaGamer | Language: English | Release: 2016 | File size: 937 MB

Minimum Requirements
Windows XP/Vista/7/8 | Processor Intel Pentium 1.0 GHz or equivalent AMD | 512 MB RAM | 1 GB Free HDD | DirectX 9.0 | 128 MB video card compatible with DirectX 9.0

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