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Soldier Force is a vertically scrolling shooter developed by Studio SiestA and considered as a tribute to Star Soldier, a popular classic shooter series developed by Hudson Soft. Being a spiritual successor to its original series, Soldier Force's objective is primarily based on achieving a high score with no storyline. The player controls one of four different characters and must destroy enemies and hidden destructible tiles that offer bonus points. Destroying enemies will fills up a special gauge known as Soldier Trip at the bottom of the screen which serves as a temporary shield by automatically reach full weapon power. When Soldier Trip activated, the player temporarily enter a bonus mode where each enemy will drop a score orb and furthermore increase score multiplier. Soldier Force introduced Caravan Modes in which the player would race through timed stages while trying to accumulate a high score. Soldier Force was released on June 5, 2006.

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Game Information
Soldier Force | Genre: vertical Shooting Game | Developer: Studio SiestA | Publisher: Studio SiestA | Language: Japanese | Release: 2006 | File size: 80 MB

Minimum Requirements
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 | Processor Intel Pentium 1.0 GHz or equivalent AMD | 256 MB RAM | 200 MB Free HDD | DirectX 8.0 | 32 MB video card compatible with DirectX 8.0

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