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Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire is a one-player mahjong game developed and published by ZOO Corporation, and the third game in popular Pretty Girls series. The gameplay in Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire follows classic mahjong solitaire rules. The goal is to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board, exposing the tiles under them for play. The game is finished when all pairs of tiles have been removed from the board or when there are no exposed pairs remaining. The game is accompanied by five pretty girl characters. Each stage has three rounds, two normal rounds and the final one. Once player make it to the third round, player get to a clothing change level where the girl begins to reveal herself as player delete tiles, but there is no undressing or nudity. The game also has a dressing room, where unlocked clothes can be viewed with the girls. Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire was released on August 24, 2015.

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Game Information
Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire | Genre: Solitaire Matching Game | Developer: ZOO Corporation | Publisher: ZOO Corporation | Language: Japanese, English | Release: 2015 | File size: 170 MB

Minimum Requirements
Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 | Processor Intel Pentium 2.0 GHz or equivalent AMD | 2 GB RAM | 1 GB Free HDD | DirectX 11 | 256 MB video card compatible with DirectX 11

External Links
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