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In the year 20XX AD Dr. Wily was finally brought to justice thanks to the efforts of Rockman and his friends. But no one knows if Willy has built four Robot Masters inside his hidden laboratory. After not receiving communication for 6 months, the robots activate and begin searching for their master. Rockman 7 Famicom, commonly abbreviated Rockman 7 FC, is an unofficial fan-made project that takes Rockman 7 and turns it into an NES-style game. Gameplay in Famicom version is almost identical to the original game; as Rockman, player must complete a series of side-scrolling platform levels that typically end in a boss battle with a Robot Master. Unlike the original game, the introductory level, Robot Museum and Auto Shop were removed and all eight Robot Master stages are selectable at a time. In Famicom version each Robot Masters don't repeat the same attack when player use their weakness which makes the battles more difficult. Rockman 7 Famicom is almost entirely customizable, where players can edit, move sprites, and more, but are limited to size and colors.

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Game Information
Rockman 7 Famicom | Genre: Action, Platformer | Developer: N/A | Publisher: N/A | Language: Japanese | Release: 2008 | File size: 4 MB

Minimum Requirements
Windows XP/Vista/7 | Processor Intel Pentium 1.0 GHz or equivalent AMD | 128 MB RAM | 100 MB Free HDD | DirectX 8.1 | 32 MB video card compatible with DirectX 8.1

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