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Alternative Sphere is a vertically scrolling shooter developed by 永久る~ぷ and the third installment of the trilogy. In the last of "Vanishing Ghost Incident", one of the virtual city on Illnet has been hijacked, but fortunately the case successfully completed by two girls. One year has passed since the incident, and Illnet once again has become the target of deranged administrator known as Reverse-net. Illnet is finally hung up by the interference and many people in the virtual world lose consciousness. Gameplay in Alternative Sphere is similar to TWilight INSanity and refrAIN. The game features four characters to choose from, each character has different sets of skills and they can swap places with each other. However, the support characters are always Hoshimi sisters. Alternative Sphere still retains non-linear branching routes with decision points that can affect the route taken through the game, which can also be influenced by the player performances. A major addition to Alternative Sphere is the sequel stage, an extra story which can only be unlocked after the player has managed to beat the true final boss with both supporters using one character. Extra story is extremely hard and player using Hoshimi sisters as playable characters. Alternative Sphere was released at Comiket 77, on December 30, 2009.

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Game Information
Alternative Sphere | Genre: Vertical Shooting Game | Developer: 永久る~ぷ | Publisher: 永久る~ぷ | Language: Japanese | Release: 2009 | File size: 450 MB

Minimum Requirements
Windows XP/Vista | Processor Intel Pentium 2.4 GHz or equivalent AMD | 512 MB RAM | 600 MB Free HDD | DirectX 9.0c | 64 MB video card compatible with DirectX 9.0c with 800x600 resolution

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