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Touhou Gekokujou Quintet! EX is a traditional turn-based RPG starring five characters: Cirno, Rumia, Mystia, Wriggle and Kogasa in the great adventure collecting costumes from the Touhou girls throughout Gensokyo. Touhou Gekokujou allows player to choose up to five characters at once and the EX version comes with more characters and easier levelling up. The players can travel through 16 different locations and fight against the boss characters. The defeated bosses can be chosen by player as a party member for the next quest. Touhou Gekokujou Quintet! EX was released at Reitaisai 10, on May 26, 2013.

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Game Information
Touhou Gekokujou Quintet! EX | Genre: Role Playing Game | Developer: Sharp Eight | Publisher: Sharp Eight | Language: Japanese | Release: 2013 | File size: 240 MB

Minimum Requirements
Windows XP/Vista/7 | Intel Pentium 1.0 GHz or equivalent AMD | 512 MB RAM | 600 MB Free HDD | DirectX 9.0c | 64 MB video card compatible with DirectX 9.0c with 800x600 minimum resolution

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