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In the summer of the 118th season, there occurred an incident called the Scarlet Mist Incident where Gensokyo was entirely covered in this mist. Touhou Koumakyou 8 Bit, also known as EoSD NES version is another unofficial fangame based upon the sixth official Touhou game. The downgrade version developed using Multimedia Fusion software and similar to the original game; a vertical scrolling shooter featuring Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame as the protagonists. The difference is not much, it has all the Spell Cards, set in 8-bit color and is easier than easy mode of the original game. However, there is no difficulty options but Extra Mode is available. Touhou Koumakyou - The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil 8 Bit was released on June 2, 2013.

Game Screenshots: 1 2 3 4

Game Information
Touhou Koumakyou - The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil 8 Bit | Genre: Vertical Shooting Game | Developer: N/A | Publisher: N/A | Language: Japanese | Release: 2013 | File size: 15 MB

Minimum Requirements
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 | Processor Intel Pentium 800 MHz or equivalent AMD | 128 MB RAM | 100 MB Free HDD | DirectX 8.0 | 16 MB video card compatible with DirectX 8.0 with 640x480 minimum resolution

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