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Despite Ishward kingdom was hit by the economic recession and people are not familiar with magic items, Tycho the witch apprentice decides to realize her dream; she has a great magic shop. Moonlight Basket - Koueki Basha wa Doko Made mo! (English: Moonlight Basket - The Trade Horse-drawn Carriage is Far Also!) is a simulation trading game where the players can buy and sell more than 400 goods to local merchants, make partnership with another traders and finally reach the goal as the richest merchant in the country. Moonlight Basket developed by 犬と猫 and was released on July 22, 2011.

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Game Information
Moonlight Basket - Koueki Basha wa Doko Made mo! | Genre: Simulation Game | Developer: 犬と猫 | Publisher: 犬と猫 | Language: Japanese | Release: 2011 | File size: 128 MB

Minimum Requirements
Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7 | Processor Intel Pentium 133 MHz or equivalent AMD | 128 MB RAM | 200 MB Free HDD | DirectX 8.0a | 32 MB video card compatible with DirectX 8.0a

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