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Set after the event in Touhou Kishinjou, folks try to capture the rebel Gensokyo Seija Kijin - an Amanojaku who lives in the Shining Needle Castle - by trapping her in danmaku walls. Danmaku Amanojaku - Impossible Spell Card is the 14.3rd official installment of the Touhou project which was released at Reitaisai 11, on May 11, 2014. The player controls Seija Kijin in a series of boss battle game by using nine different items to survive and clear the spell cards. Each item have different effects and can be selected before the spell card. For example: Tengu’s Toy Camera will clear bullets, Bloodthirsty Yin-Yang Orb allows player to teleport near boss. However, items are limited and appropriate strategies are required to survive. 

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Game Information
Danmaku Amanojaku - Impossible Spell Card | Genre: Vertical Shooting Game | Developer: Team Shanghai Alice | Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice | Language: Japanese | Release: 2014 | File size: 220 MB

Minimum Requirements
Windows Vista/7/8 | Processor Intel Pentium 2.0 GHz or equivalent AMD | 1 GB RAM | 500 MB Free HDD | DirectX 9.0c | 256 MB video card compatible with DirectX 9.0c

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